Animal Photography by Dr. Cook

Many of Dr. Cook’s photographs of animals were taken under appalling conditions. Seals, penguins and other wildlife of Antarctica migrate north during the long dark winter. Cook could only photograph them when they returned in the short summer. In that time of ice floes shifted under his feet and his camera’s shutter speeds were too slow to capture the animals in their natural activities.

Nearly all of the photographs on this website are by Dr. Frederick A. Cook unless noted otherwise. We have him to thank for the visual record of all of these expeditions:

North Greenland Expedition (1891 – 1894) | Belgian Antarctic Expedition (1897 – 1899) | Erik Relief Expedition (1898) | Mt. McKinley Expeditions (1903 and 1906)
Aftermath 0f Mt. McKinley Expeditions | North Pole Expedition


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